Toronto TUG: Master Business Problem, Extensions and Behind the Scenes of a Viz Of The Day

Toronto Tableau User Group

Jul 10, 10:00 – 11:30 PM

Discover how to master business problem-solving with Tableau and launch your consultancy career in our "From 0 to Hero" session. Explore powerful Tableau Extensions like What If & Image Filter to enhance your dashboards. Lastly, go behind the scenes of a Viz of the Day dashboard. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your Tableau skills and network

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About this event

Toronto Tableau User Group Virtual Event!

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Join us for an exciting Toronto Tableau User Group event! We have three compelling topics to help you enhance your Tableau skills and elevate your data visualization game.

1. From 0 to Hero: Master Business Problem-Solving with Tableau and Launch Your Consultancy Career - (Aria Voron)

Learn the methodology of building business-solving dashboards in Tableau and the importance of a strong Tableau Public profile. Discover how tailored dashboards can act as your business card and gateway to consultancy, where Tableau consultants earn about 55.61% more than data analysts. Gain insights from my 7 years of experience, and learn the A-B-C scheme for industry research, client problem identification, and developing data visualization solutions.

2. Tableau Extensions: What If & Image Filter (Ojoswi Basu)

Explore powerful Tableau extensions like What If and Image Filter to enhance your dashboards with dynamic and interactive user experiences. See practical examples and learn how these tools can add valuable functionalities to your visualizations.

3. Behind the Scenes of a Viz of the Day Dashboard: The Psychology of Color in Dashboard Design (Sherzodbek Ibragimov)

Uncover the process behind creating a Viz of the Day, focusing on design choices, data analysis, and storytelling techniques. Understand the impact of color and effective visualizations. Sharing my passion for data visualization, aim to inspire and help you improve your design skills, user engagement, and professional growth.

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your Tableau skills and network with fellow enthusiasts. Register now!


  • Ojoswi Basu



  • Sherzodbek Ibragimov

    Senior Tableau Developer

  • Aria Voron


    Lead Business Intelligence Analyst


  • Adrian Zinovei

    Smart Analytics Zone

    Senior Tableau Developer


  • Roland Schlichting

    Freedom Mobile

    Director Corporate Reporting and Insights


  • Candice Munroe

    Paint with Data

    User Group Ambassador

  • Roland Schlichting

    Freedom Mobile / Videotron / Quebecor

    User Group Leader

  • Adrian Zinovei

    Smart Analytics Zone

    User Group Leader

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