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🌟 Welcome to Berlin TUG πŸŒŸ – the ultimate gathering spot for all Tableau enthusiasts in our vibrant city! 

🌍 This group is all about uniting data lovers, chart wizards, and visualization fanatics from Berlin and beyond.  

🀝Our aim is to create a local Tableau hub where knowledge flows freely, professional contacts & friendships are formed, and data-driven adventures await! 

πŸ” No matter your skill level, we're here to support and inspire each other on our Tableau journeys. Whether you're a seasoned Tableau expert or just starting out, we invite you to join our inclusive and exciting community - from hands-on workshops to lively discussions and showcases of mind-blowing visualizations. 

πŸ“ŠSo, grab your favorite data set, put on your Tableau hat, and join our band of data explorers. Together, we'll create a thriving network of data enthusiasts right here in Berlin!

Upcoming events

5. MΓ€rz 2024

In-Person Event

Berlin TUG Meetup - March 2024

Join us on March 5th for an in-person event where you'll gain valuable insights from experts Chris Nguyen on leveraging the workgroups database to track Tableau usage and Maria Vigandt on establishing and nurturing a thriving Tableau user community. Secure your spot by confirming your attendance!

Past events

7. Dez. 2023

In-Person Event

Berlin TUG - Kick-Off with Pop Quiz

12. Nov. 2023

In-Person Event

Data+Women @ VizIt Berlin Pre-Game

22. Nov. 2022

Virtual Event

November Berlin TUG: Tableau Speed Tipping & Animated Visualizations

17. Feb. 2022

Virtual Event

IronViz - the Ultimate Guide with Zen Master Sam Parsons

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Rafael Sandoval

BI Consultant
areto consulting

Jens Chowdry

Account Executive
The Informationlab Deutschland GmbH

Simi Ayo-Vaughan

Data Analytics Manager
Adunni Data

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