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Welcome to the Dublin Tableau User Group where we help you connect with like-minded data rock stars near you!

Join our vibrant community of Tableau enthusiasts, data professionals, and visualisation experts as we come together every few months (in person and virtually) to share insights, best practices, and innovative techniques in data visualisation and analytics.

Whether you are a beginner, an expert, somewhere in between, or just curious to understand what Tableau is all about, our user group offers a supportive environment to learn, collaborate, be inspired and network with like-minded individuals.

Past events


Virtual Event

Dublin Tableau User Group - Q1 2024 - How to Humanise Data & Building Dashboards from Ideas with AI


Virtual Event

Tableau Virtual User Group Dublin with Jamie Renehan and Igor Garlowski


Virtual Event

Tableau Virtual User Group Dublin with Wiiisdom's Jeremy Blaney and Allstate's Robert Chapple


Virtual Event

How To Do Cool Stuff In Tableau with The Flerlage Twins

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