CCC TUG April 2024 | Joins and relationships ft. Andrew Drinkwater

California Community Colleges Tableau User Group

Apr 24, 8:00 – 9:30 PM

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April Showers Bring Tableau Powers!

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Relationship Advice

Andrew Drinkwater (Plaid Analytics)

Have you always wanted a relationship but didn’t know how to get started? Perhaps a little relationship advice would help. This engaging session focuses on the dos and don’ts of Tableau relationships, college enrollment-specific use cases, and when to use relationships versus joins.

Sample Workbook - Tableau Public

Tableau Showcase

Emmanuel Sanchez-Tovar (Oregon State University)

Emmanuel will showcase how he uses Tableau to visualize disproportionate impact (DI) and uncertainty at Oregon State University.

Office Hours

Sam Homier (San Bernardino Valley College)

Need to hide data for small sample sizes? We've got you covered! Sam will demonstrate her technique for filtering out student groups with small n's.

Sample Workbook - Tableau Public


  • Andrew Drinkwater

    Plaid Analytics


  • Lisa Trescott

    MiraCosta College

    User Group Leader

  • Samantha Homier

    San Bernardino Valley College

    User Group Leader

  • Kimberly Coutts

    MiraCosta College

    User Group Leader

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