HETUG April 2022: Learn to become a Tableau superhero!

Higher Education Tableau User Group

Thursday, April 28, 2022, 7:00 – 8:30 PM UTC


It's National Superhero Day! Learn how to become a Tableau superhero and meet other Tableau superheroes at our April HETUG meeting!

About this event

Welcome and Announcements

Log in, grab a treat, and take a comfortable seat.

Meet a Community Member

Alicia Peltsch (Queen's University, Kingston, ON)

We'll meet Alicia Peltsch from Queen's University (the one in Canada), manager of Predictive Analytics by day and faculty member by night. Learn how Tableau is one of her superpowers.

Joins vs Relationships

Andrew Drinkwater (Plaid Analytics)

It's like Tableau's Marvel vs DC. Which camp are you? Andrew will noodle around with options and provide an overview of the different ways to relate data tables to help you decide when to join each camp.

Non-Standard Use of Tableau: Using Survey Data to Create a Student Profile

Rebecca Carr (Southeast Community College, Nebraska)

Surveys aren't just about summary data. Sometimes you want need to reveal the secret identities of individual respondents. Rebecca will show how to use Tableau to uncover individual superpowers.

Wrap-up and Chat

We'll close out the meeting with info about the next meeting and then open up breakout rooms to chat!