HETUG December 2021: Reducing data prep pain with Tableau Prep + holiday meet & greets + MadLibs

Higher Education Tableau User Group

Tuesday, December 7, 2021, 8:00 – 9:30 PM UTC


What's the best way to close out the year? Meeting some HETUG community members, learning how to MadLib in Tableau, and diving into Tableau Prep!

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Welcome and Announcements

Log in, grab a treat, and take a comfortable seat.

Meet a Community Member Part 1

Crystal Baker (Indiana University)

To pump up the holiday goodness, we're going to meet 2, yes, 2, community members. We'll start off by meeting Crystal Baker (Indiana University).

Reducing the Pain in Prepping Data using Tableau Prep!

Roy Lee (NYU Stern)

An introduction to Tableau Prep and how NYU Stern uses "Prep" to pre-process their faculty data so that it can be used for actionable data driven decision making.

Download Roy's slides

Meet a Community Member Part 2

Ginny Moench (Appalachian State)

We promised that you'd meet 2 community members. We'll round out this month's Meet a Community Member by meeting Ginny Moench (AppState).

Tips & Tricks: MadLibs

Ginny Moench (Appalachian State)

If you've ever checked out Ginny's Tableau Public, you'll see that she does some cool holiday-themed Tableau work, including MadLibs! Ginny's going to show us two different ways to set up MadLibs in Tableau.

Twitter: @GinnyMoench

Download Tableau Excel Add-In

Download MadLibs files on Slack

Wrap-up and chat

We'll wrap up the meeting, and then everyone is welcome to stick around and chat with fellow HETUG members, maybe holiday MadLib a little.