HETUG December 2022: Impromptu Tableau Doctor

Higher Education Tableau User Group

Wednesday, December 14, 2022, 9:00 – 10:30 PM UTC


Close out the year with us at the December 2022 HETUG!

About this event

Welcome and Announcements

Log in, grab a treat, and take a comfortable seat.

Meet a Community Member

Matt Capobianco (Peirce College)

We'll meet Matt Capobianco, Director of Enrollment Reporting and Analytics at Peirce College!

Tips and Tricks Turned Upside Down, i.e., Tableau Doctor

With flu season already here, we decided it was time to introduce you all to Tableau Doctor!

Is there something you’ve been stuck on? A trick you specifically want to learn? Or a tableau public dashboard you’ve always wanted to reverse engineer?

During the meeting the crowd — including you! — will work through these questions together!

Postponed till 2023

Engage and Interact: Using Tableau to Create an Interactive Online Factbook

Christy Simpson will share how TTUHSC (for those of you with acronym overload, that's Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center!) developed an interactive online factbook using Tableau.

Wrap-up and Chat

We'll close out the meeting with info about the next HETUG and then open up breakout rooms to chat!

Please note that breakout rooms may extend beyond the scheduled meeting time.