HETUG July 2022: Invisible shapes and calculations!

Higher Education Tableau User Group

Jul 19, 2022, 7:00 – 8:30 PM

We're celebrating our HETUG-iversary! Can you believe it?! We've made it a whole year! The Higher Education Tableau User Group (HETUG) is all about building community in the Higher Ed Tableau #datafam, and we're thrilled with the enthusiasm you all have brought to our meetings and to Slack. We're so excited to dive into year two!

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Welcome and Announcements

Log in, grab a treat, and take a comfortable seat.

Meet a Community Member

Andrew Drinkwater (Plaid Analytics)

We'll meet Andrew Drinkwater, Host of the Canadian Higher Education Tableau User Group, and learn all about his journey with Tableau

Can’t see can’t touch – Hacks with invisible shapes

Julia Büchting (Data Artist)

How many of you wished there was an “invisible color” in the color pane? How often have you wished, you could make a shape disappear? The solution is near: invisible shapes will take your shape-game to a new level and open up new possibilities for a great user experience.

Measures, Dimensions, and Calcs, Oh My! (part tres)

Ginny Moench (Appalachian State) and Roshni Gohil (MIT)

Ginny and Roshni will tackle the data pane and basics of calculations. In this installment, they’ll demonstrate core date calculations in Tableau.

Download the workbook

Wrap-up and Chat

We'll close out the meeting with info about the next meeting and then open up breakout rooms to chat!


  • Roshni Gohil


    User Group Ambassador

  • Virginia Moench

    Appalachian State University

    User Group Leader

  • Andrew Drinkwater

    Plaid Analytics

    User Group Leader

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