HETUG March 2024: HETUG = PEER (Pooling Enablers, Enablement, and Review)

Higher Education Tableau User Group

Mar 12, 7:00 – 8:30 PM

Meet a Tableau enabler, Jim Gibbon (Princeton); hear how The OSU created and scaled a Tableau Training Program with Maureen Henry; and learn how to go from data clean-up to Tableau visualizations to peer-reviewed publications with Lindsay Meyers and Jan Varadarajan (Vanderbilt)!

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Meet a Community Member

Jim Gibbon (Princeton)

We'll meet Jim Gibbon, Lead Business Analyst and Tableau Developer in Princeton's Office of Information Technology. We'll learn how Jim uses Tableau, and helps with enablement at Princeton. 

Creating & Scaling a Tableau Training Program

Maureen Henry (The Ohio State University)

Have you ever been in one of these situations? 1) There's a complete Tableau newbie in your department who will be creating Tableau workbooks. 2) Your organization is trying to upskill all your current Tableau creators. 3) You've decided to implement a new process for publishing Tableau workbooks onto your site.

How do you help everyone learn Tableau, build some shared practices, and make sure it's not total chaos? Learn how The Ohio State University created a training program to address a large and growing user base. Maureen will share lessons learned, outcomes, and some takeaways around how to scale based on size of organization and goals.

From Prep to Print: Unveiling Our Data Journey to Peer-Reviewed Publication

Lindsay Meyers and Jan Varadarjan (Vanderbilt)

Come learn how Lindsay and Jan took their work from data clean-up to Tableau visualizations to a peer-reviewed publication! If you have ever wondered if you could publish your work in a journal, come get some advice on how to take your hard work and share it with the higher education community through a publication. 

Wrap-up and Chat

We'll close out the meeting with info about our next HETUG meeting, and then open up breakout rooms to chat! (Chat may extend past 4:30pm Eastern.)

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