HETUG May 2022: We're putting the FUN in Fundamentals!

Higher Education Tableau User Group

Thursday, May 12, 2022, 7:30 – 9:00 PM UTC


There's a lot you can do in Tableau, but sometimes getting started can be overwhelming. We're going back to basics in this HETUG meeting, covering the layers of data visualization, fundamental calculations, and some basic formatting and interaction techniques. While the session will be geared to relative newbies, more advanced users will also learn a few tricks in the process!

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The Layers of Data Visualization

Ethan Lang (Playfair Data, Veterans Advocacy TUG Co-lead)

Layering graphics is a technique found everywhere in data visualization. From coding in R to how Tableau software was designed. By understanding this core concept of visual analytics you can take your analysis to the next level. Join Ethan Lang as he walks us through the layers of data visualization.

Measures, Dimensions, and Calcs, Oh My! (part 1)

Ginny Moench (AppState) and Roshni Gohil (MIT) 

Ginny and Roshni will tackle the data pane and basics of calculations. They'll demonstrate core number, string, date, and grouping calculations in Tableau.

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Postponed till June! Buttoning Up Your Navigation + Acti-FLYing Your Filters

Anna Kourouniotis (Duke)

Anna will guide us through some interactivity tricks.

  • First, she'll show us how to help users navigate between tabs using navigation buttons. Wayfinding in Tableau has never been so delicious!
  • Next she'll introduce us to the power of dashboard actions by demonstrating how to set up a filter action. Actions can help make your dashboards pretty fly.

Wrap-up and Chat

We'll wrap up the meeting, and then everyone is welcome to stick around and chat with fellow HETUG members.