London TUG - Sherlock Edition

London Tableau User Group

Sep 21, 2023, 5:00 – 9:00 PM

The Mind Palace Bar, W2 Shopping Centre, London, W12 8PP

Join us at London TUG on September 21st for a special Sherlock Holmes-themed event, sponsored by Wiiisdom!

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About this event

Join us at London TUG on September 21st for a special Sherlock Holmes-themed event, sponsored by Wiiisdom!

There will be plenty of networking opportunities at this event, plus food and drinks will be provided.

The Venue: 

Step into the world of Sherlock Holmes and immerse yourself in our venue for this event, a Sherlock-themed cocktail bar, The Mind Palace; a secret speakeasy bar, which can only be accessed through the disguised entrance of Doyle’s Opticians in Shepherd's Bush. The bar is complete with mementoes and artefacts from famous Sherlock case files, making it the perfect setting for a unique TUG event!

Big Data LDN:

If you're attending the Big Data LDN conference, this event will be conveniently located in Shepherd's Bush, close to Olympia. 

Big Data LDN is the UK’s leading free-to-attend data, analytics & AI conference and exhibition, hosting leading data, analytics & AI experts, ready to arm you with the tools to deliver your most effective data-driven strategy. Register for a free ticket here:


Tristan GuillevinTableau Visionary and Iron Viz Champion. 

Talk: Building Bridges - The Path to Success with Tableau: During his talk, Tristan will share his journey with Tableau, from creating his first dashboard to developing innovative tools that have transformed the way people build Tableau visualization. Through his presentation, you'll discover the power of building bridges between different ideas, tools, and ways of thinking, all while maintaining a beginner's mindset. You will learn how you can leverage your unique strengths and talents to stand out and achieve great success with Tableau.

Bio: Tristan works as a Data Visualization Freelancer and helps people level up their Tableau projects and skills. Tristan won the Iron Viz competition in 2017 and the Tableau Hackathon in 2019 and is currently a Tableau Ambassador and Tableau Visionary. When he's not working for clients, Tristan builds tools for the Tableau community like Advviz, (to create advanced visualizations directly in Tableau with one click and no calculations) and BANg (to make BANs quickly by generating all the calculations, worksheets, and dashboard of a KPI dashboard). 

Jeremy Blaney - VP, Product Marketing, Wiiisdom & Patrick Perrier, VP, Products, Wiiisdom

Talk: Analytics Governance Processes and Best Practices.

Jeremy's Bio: Jeremy has over a decade of hands-on and advisory experience in data and analytics. As the VP of Product Marketing at Wiiisdom, he plays a key role in helping people and organizations adopt AnalyticsOps to increase confidence in data-driven decision-making. Outside of work, Jeremy is a lecturer on data and analytics at The Fletcher School at Tufts University. Drawing from his extensive background at Tableau, Salesforce, Bank of America, and the U.S. Air Force, Jeremy's expertise lies in designing analytics and governance strategies, building data culture, and accelerating the adoption of analytics.

Patrick's Bio: Patrick is a seasoned business intelligence expert with 20+ years of leadership experience in BI software vendors and U.K. consulting companies. Passionate about tackling complex technical and business challenges, Patrick has a strong background in analytics software products, including SAP BusinessObjects, Microsoft Power BI, and Tableau. Patrick's journey has led him to Wiiisdom—as the VP of Products, Patricks plays a pivotal role in driving innovation and delivering cutting-edge solutions that build trust in data and analytics.

Anna Rossudowska - Tableau COE Lead, Superbet

Talk: Chaos to Cohesion: Leveraging Tableau Blueprint to Streamline Your Tableau Deployment. Ever encountered rapid Tableau usage growth? It's fantastic! But it can also bring challenges: content organization, Creator enablement, audience engagement, and platform stability. To tackle these issues, I turned to the Tableau Blueprint framework and used it as a cornerstone for our overall Tableau strategy. During this presentation, I'll delve into how I leveraged the Blueprint to create a streamlined, cohesive deployment. I'll cover our three key streams: Power users, Community, and Platform, and share real-world examples of our initiatives to empower our creators, engage our audiences, and apply best practices to maintain platform stability. Join me to explore how you can adapt the Blueprint to streamline and maximise the value of your own organisation’s Tableau deployment.

Bio: Starting as a financial controller, I revamped reporting and empowered self-service analytics. My journey led to a role at Tableau as a consultant, where I fostered data-driven cultures. I then ventured into Alteryx and Dataiku, enhancing BI with AI. Currently, as a Tableau COE Lead at Superbet, my goal is to maximise the value of our Tableau investment and enhance the impact of analytics through user enablement, engagement, and support.

We look forward to seeing you there!


  • Tristan Guillevin


  • Jeremy Blaney


    VP, Product Marketing

  • Anna Rossudowska


    Tableau COE Lead

  • Patrick Perrier


    VP, Products



Thursday, September 21, 2023
5:00 PM – 9:00 PM UTC


  • Zainab Ayodimeji


    User Group Leader

  • Sarah Bartlett


    User Group Leader

  • Alina Cristea


    User Group Leader

  • Moses Wootten

    UK Sports Institute

    Senior Analyst

  • Olushola Olojo

    London Tableau User Group

    CPM UK


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