May 2023 Pittsburgh Tableau User Group

Pittsburgh Tableau User Group

May 31, 2023, 4:00 – 5:30 PM

We will talk Tableau First Impressions, Tableau Map Layers and do a TC Recap!

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About this event

We have some awesome content lined up for our Q2 meeting:

Judging A 'Viz' By Its Cover- Luke Abraham | Tableau Public Ambassador | Analytics Consultant, phData

Gather ‘round for a story of First Impressions: me, my introduction to Tableau Public as a creative outlet, joining the #DataFam community, and taking a look at the most important* part of a visualization…the Title Page.

Tableau Map Layers from Public geospatial data- Chris Harrington | President, ShufflePoint, Inc.

Since version 2020.4, Tableau has supported a "Map Layers" feature. This new feature made maps go from sort of useless to being extremely powerful. In this talk, I will show how I have built maps from public data sources that relate to petroleum processing and transportation. I will reference some great sources of geospatial data and also show the data transformation tools that I've used to convert the data into a format that Tableau can consume.

TC Recap-  Pittsburgh TUG leadership

We will go over the highlights from TC23 and fill you in on any takeaways or things to know you might have missed!!

Gentle reminder:

All attendees are expected to behave respectfully and appropriately, including during casual conversations. By attending, you agree to follow these expectations. If you or anyone you notice feel uncomfortable, please reach out to the organizers. Please review the Code of Conduct before the event.


  • Luke Abraham


    Analytics Consultant

  • Chris Harrington

    ShufflePoint, Inc.



  • Jennifer Hunter


    User Group Leader

  • Nicole Maiolo


    User Group Leader

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