Spooktacular Data Viz with Singapore TUG

Singapore Tableau User Group

Oct 23, 2023, 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM

158 Cecil St, #09 01, 158 Cecil Street, Singapore, 069545

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About this event

Join us on 23rd October for a πŸŽƒ special Halloween-themed Singapore TUG πŸŽƒ, with special guest appearance by not 1️⃣ , but πŸ† TWO Tableau Visionary and Iron Viz Champions πŸ† - Will Sutton and Tristan Guillevin. Get ready to be spooked by chatGPT and bad visualizations. Come with your bellies empty as there'll be food and drinksπŸ‘» Not forgetting, thanks to Aspire for their awesome office space to make this even awesome-er! And here's what to expect for the spooky evening.

Welcome & Introduction

Introducing the leadership team and our speakers!

Dashboard Tips and Treats

Kelionel from Interworks drops some useful tips on how you can elevate your dashboards' interactivity. Your users are going to be in for a real treat 🍬!

There's nothing scary about these charts

Are you terrified to create visualizations like Network, Sankey and Beeswarm charts, that require deep understanding of data densification? Tableau Visionary, Iron Viz Champion 2017 and Ladataviz founder - Tristan Guillevin is here to save your day with easy-to-follow generators... almost like witchcraft. πŸ§™

Frightened by the idea that AI will take your job?

Will Sutton has ventured down into the depths of ChatGPT πŸ€– to seek the truth, testing its capabilities in a chilling πŸ₯Ά $2,000 dataviz competition!

Make me BOO-tiful?

Celebrating Halloween in full spirit is an interactive fun segment where we explore the bad vizzes of the world, and what's wrong with them. And of course.. there's prizes to be won!


  • Will Sutton

    The Information Lab

    Tableau/Alteryx Consultant

  • Tristan Guillevin


  • Kelionel Mak


    BI Support Analyst



Monday, October 23, 2023
10:30 AM – 12:00 PM UTC


  • Louis Yu

    2K Games

    User Group Leader

  • Phyllis Tay


    User Group Leader

  • Aloysius Ong


    User Group Leader


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