Stockholm Tableau Bootcamp 2024 - Week One Online Session 💻📊🚀

Stockholm Tableau User Group

Mar 19, 5:00 – 5:45 PM

Welcome to week one of the Stockholm Tableau Bootcamp March - April 2024! Week One Online (March 19th, 6:00 PM - 6:45 PM CET)🚀🇸🇪 Are you ready to transform your data into powerful and insightful visualizations? This immersive online program, delivered by the Stockholm Tableau User Group, will equip you with the essential skills to excel in Tableau.🎉🎁

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About this event

Join us for the first session of Week 1 in the Stockholm Tableau Bootcamp 2024! Led by data visualization expert Sowmya Ashok Kumar, this online session will equip you with the fundamentals of navigating the Tableau interface. Learn how to connect to data, utilize the data pane, and build your first visualizations.🌟

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Meeting ID: 885 5673 7472

Passcode: TableauSUG

🔍What you'll gain:

💡Confidence in navigating the Tableau workspace

💡Understanding of live vs. extract data connections

💡Skills to leverage the data pane and metadata

💡Introduction to creating worksheets and dashboards

🌟Take advantage of this opportunity to kickstart your data visualization journey with Tableau!

🌟Throughout the boot camp, you'll have the opportunity to learn from top Tableau professionals globally, receive personalized mentorship, and engage in weekly sessions on key Tableau concepts and exam preparation strategies.

Modules Covered:

📊Module 1: 

All About Tableau Interface

Understanding the Tableau Interface

Connecting to Data Sources

Difference between Live and Extract Data Connections

Utilization of Data Pane and Metadata

Creating Worksheets and Dashboards

📊Module 2:

 Foundation of Tableau

Understanding Dimensions and Measures (Blue and Green Pills)

Differentiating Discrete and Continuous Values

Exploring Measure Values and Measure Names

Utilizing Aggregations with Dimensions and Measures

Understanding Granularity in Data

Organizing Data in Rows and Columns

🌟Join us as we lay the groundwork for your Tableau journey, exploring the fundamental aspects of Tableau's interface and data manipulation techniques essential for effective data visualization.🚀


  • Sowmya Kumar

    Voi Technology

    Data Analyst


  • Waleed Elhardallou



  • Waleed Elhardallou

    User Group Leader

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