Munich Tableau User Group

We are Munich locals, our meetings are in English and in-person only. Our community is special because we are active in discussions, we openly share pains and make them gains and every meeting we have one community member who is our keynote speaker. From the community, for the community! Coffee, Lunch and networking make our events agreeable - join us for donuts on your charts and on your plate!

Upcoming events

Jul 4, 2023

Virtual Event

Design Best Practices von Datenquelle bis Dashboard

Lerne in diesem Webinar die Best Practices für dein Daten- und Dashboarddesign kennen und nimm an einer Auslosung für ein Teilstipendium für den Zertifikatskurs "Data-Driven Decision Making" teil.

Jul 14, 2023

In-Person Event

9th meeting: Hosted by Airport Munich

Our community is growing wings! We are happy to be hosted by Airport Munich - but before take off there are a few exclusive peeks that you will never see as a passenger...

Past events

In-Person Event

8th meeting: Monitoring dashboard usage with Tableau Server Logs


Tableau User Group München - 6. Meeting


Tableau User Group München - 5. Meeting


Tableau User Group München - 4. Meeting


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