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NYC TUG | July 2024 | Going for Gold, Olympics Edition

It's Olympic Season! Sweating for the gold, or just sweating? Join us for an exciting evening with Tableau Visionary and Head of Football Insights @ City Football Group, Ravi Mistry, who will talk about how Data is a Team Sport! Then, channel your inner Olympian with a series of engaging activities, including a dynamic Iron Viz-style competition and fun trivia.

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In-Person Event

NYC TUG | Tableau Conference Untucked: Recap & Speaker


In-Person Event

Data Harmony: Taylor Swift & Tableau Speed Networking in NYC


In-Person Event

New York City Tableau User Group | Dec 2023 | Plum Pudding Wonderland and Figma Festivities


In-Person Event

New York City Tableau User Group | Oct 2023 | NYC FitFam: Workout Wednesday Edition

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Jack Parry

User Group Ambassador The Information Lab | The Data School, New York

Konstantin Weis

User Group Leader Keyrus US

Dzifa (zif-ah) Amexo

User Group Leader Keyrus

Quinn Serfass

User Group Leader The Information Lab

Chris Kalwa

Director, Business Intelligence EssenceMediaCom

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