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The Piedmont Triad Tableau User Group began in 2016 and has experienced various organizational approaches.  With Tableau's purchase by Salesforce, the group is starting fresh.  Join this group if you have the following traits:

1. You are interested in Tableau products as applied to your interests.  Specifically, you want to connect with other Tableau enthusiasts in the area to both learn techniques or to share your techniques with others.

2. You plan to participate in TUG events -- either in person or virtually, but you have decided that becoming a part of a community will yield you benefits including exposure to other businesses in the area using Tableau as well as the opportunity to nurture symbiotic alliances with others regarding Tableau usage.

3. You are interested in what Tableau has to say about their products.

4. You are looking forward to some low-stress, low-risk conversations about your work. Ask questions about 'how-to' do something in Tableau that is vexing your path to easy use of Tableau.

You can also join fellow members in conversations found on LinkedIn - and Twitter

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Piedmont Triad, NC (Greensboro) User Group

Join to be aware of events and to re-build a community on Tableau's new User Group platform (everyone has to rejoin, there was no automatic move from the old platform to the new one).

Past events


Virtual Event

Virtual Carolinas TUG Jan, 2023


Virtual Event

Virtual Carolinas TUG - Jan, 2022


Virtual Event

PTNCTUG - October 16, 2020


Virtual Event

PTNCTUG - August 13, 2020


Brad Earle

User Group Leader KB Earle Associates LLC

Kim Scheponik

Data Analyst ADP

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