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Join us! The Tableau Newbies User group is a place to be if you have an ever-learning attitude and are a Tableau Newbie at heart.❤️

We understand that getting started with data visualization with Tableau can be daunting, so our group is here to offer sessions on various Tableau features, best practices, tips, and tricks, and an open environment for networking with fellow newbies and learning from experts.

Our speakers are Tableau Visionaries, Tableau Ambassadors, and individuals from various backgrounds and industries, all with a common interest in exploring the world of data visualization and helping the community grow.

The group members are like you and me. We like to talk to new and intermediate users about how to expand their Tableau skills, and while we encourage users in the onboarding, our goal is skill development.

The group meets every six to eight weeks, virtually. You can follow us on social media using #TableauNewbies & #NewbieTUG hashtags.

Why NewbieTUG, you would ask? We say it's a great way to learn, network, and get inspired. It's a valuable experience for every Tableau Newbie.

Check the past recordings here at NewbiesTUG: YouTube Playlist:

Upcoming events

18 abr 2024

Virtual Event

Apr 2024 NewbieTUG| Getting visual with Basic Charts | Build Tableau Public profile ft. Andy Kriebel

Join the event, to get started with basic charts, and understand Why one should build a Tableau Public profile.

Past events

6 mar 2024

Virtual Event

Mar 2024 NewbieTUG| What's in the DataSource Page? | Why We Visualize Data ft. The Flerlage Twins

10 ene 2024

Virtual Event

Jan 2024 NewbieTUG | From Excel to Tableau | How to start your Tableau journey

6 dic 2023

Virtual Event

NewbieTUG | Dashboard Actions and Holiday Calendar ft. Annabelle Rincon

26 oct 2023

Virtual Event

NewbieTUG | Dynamic Measure Formatting and 5 ways Tableau Prep makes using Desktop easier

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