Analytics TUG September 2023 - "It depends" - Build Better Dashboard - The path to success

Analytics Tableau User Group

Thursday, September 28, 2023, 4:00 – 6:00 PM UTC


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Do not miss the opportunity to ask our speakers live questions! This time we will be joined by :

- Andy Cotgreave, Tableau Evangelist will present "Why "It Depends" was never a good answer to "What's the best chart for this data?"
Abstract: Andy Cotgreave has, for years, made the jokey response that the only answer to the question "What's the best chart for our data?" is It Depends. Fine, but does that help anyone? Finally, Andy's going to tell you what it depends on. He'll introduce his LEVERS model and in this session, you'll all get to chime in on which bits you think are right or wrong.

-Tristan Guillevin, Tableau Visionary and Iron Viz Champion, will be giving a presentation on "Building Bridges - The Path to Success with Tableau."

During his talk, Tristan will share his journey with Tableau, from creating his first dashboard to developing innovative tools that have transformed the way people build Tableau visualization. Through his presentation, you'll discover the power of building bridges between different ideas, tools, and ways of thinking, all while maintaining a beginner's mindset. You will learn how you can leverage your unique strengths and talents to stand out and achieve great success with Tableau.

- Priya Padham, Tableau Visionary will present how to " Harness the power of design to build better business dashboard"

Description - In today's data-driven world, effective data visualisation is crucial. I will explore how you can combine the aesthetics of data art with the usability of business dashboards to create a middle ground, as well as how you can embrace this fusion to unlock the full potential of data for all users.


  • Tristan Guillevin


  • Andy Cotgreave


    Technical Evangelist Director

  • Priya Padham

    Expedia Group

    Data Visualisation Engineer II


  • Annabelle Rincon


    User Group Leader

  • Chimdi Nwosu

    VizSight Analytics

    User Group Leader

  • Prasann Prem


    User Group Leader

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