Analytics Tableau User Group


A user group dedicated to learning all about analytics in Tableau!

Taking place virtually almost every month, this user group is the place to be to to come together and learn about all the analytical functions across the Tableau platform, whether in Tableau Desktop, web-edit, or in Ask Data.

It’s going to be all analytics, all the time, and we’ll be joined by the Tableau team when they have new analytical features to share with us each and every product update.

Make sure to follow our Page in Tableau Forum and to watch our videos in Youtube

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Upcoming events

25 abr 2024

Virtual Event

Analytics Tableau User Group : Special VizTsukurimaShow!

Analytics Competition with our brilliant Visionaries and Ambassador from Japan!

Past events

28 mar 2024

Virtual Event

Harnessing Tableau Tools for creativity - Business Dashboards and storytelling can work together

29 feb 2024

Virtual Event

Analytics Tableau User Group February 2024 - Dashboard values - Overlays - Workbook Analyser

25 ene 2024

Virtual Event

Ironviz Special: Uncovering the journey of Ironviz 2024 Finalists

14 dic 2023

Virtual Event

Working with messy Data, Supercharging Tableau with R and GGPLOT & Telling Data Stories that matter

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Annabelle Rincon

User Group Leader
Enjoying Life

Chimdi Nwosu

User Group Leader
VizSight Analytics

Prasann Prem

User Group Leader

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