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Analytics Tableau User Group

Oct 26, 2023, 11:00 PM – Oct 27, 2023, 1:00 AM

Analytics TUG October 2023

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About this event

1. Marlo Abramowitz

Topic: Jumpstart your analysis with the Tableau Exchange

Topic description: The Tableau Exchange is your one-stop shop for offerings to jumpstart your data analysis to answer questions and get actionable data quickly. It’s where you can access trusted offerings built by both Tableau and our partner network to help you see faster time to value, address a large variety of use cases, and ultimately realize a greater return on your Tableau investment. This talk will give you an overview of the Tableau Exchange, share how it can help you with your Tableau journey, and what exciting new offerings we have coming up for the Exchange.

About Marlo: Marlo Abramowitz is a Senior Product Manager at Tableau Software. She’s been at Tableau for 2.5 years and currently leads the Tableau Exchange, your one-stop shop to jumpstart analysis.

2. Joon Kim

Topic: The secret to accelerating your Tableau learning

Topic description: Learning something new can be challenging and can quickly become a burden without sustained motivation, yet we all have a desire to attain new knowledge or skill sets as quickly as possible. In this presentation, I will share the secret to fast-tracking your Tableau learning by reflecting on the journey I have been on and the valuable life lessons I gained from it.

About Joon: Joon Kim is a Senior Data Visualization Specialist working for a retail organization in Australia, who also has experience in the telecommunications and insurance industry. Joon is a Tableau enthusiast who enjoys nothing more than helping others better understand data through visualization and collaborating with members of the Tableau Community to learn and grow together. Joon spends his time outside work helping answer questions on the Tableau Community Forums, writing blogs to share new learning with the wider audience, and participating in the Sydney Tableau User Group as a co-lead.

3. Rika Fujiwara

Topic: Importance of Data Storytelling for Tableau Creators in AI Generation

Topic description: In this age of AI, data visualization needs stories to move people and organizations. 

 In this session, Rika Fujiwara who is a Tableau Public Ambassador 2022, and Social Ambassador 2023 will use specific examples of data visualization work exhibited at the Tableau Conference to show how she created her visualizations and stories, and what strategies she used to assemble the story will be shared as simple yet powerful tips. This session will help you become a Tableau Creator who can be more important in your organization by learning how to move the minds of your audience while making the best use of Tableau's rich data visualization capabilities and Data storytelling.

About Rika: Rika is a BI Consultant at Slalom with solid BI skills, data engineering skills, and practical experience as a business person. She handles everything from organizational strategy and KPI design to dashboard construction and team leadership in order to improve business decision-making. She is a community leader leading "cross-border" activities, where individuals and communities expand beyond national borders and products.


  • Marlo Abramowitz


    Sr. Product Engineer

  • Joon Kim

    Big W

    Senior Data Visualisation Specialist

  • Rika Fuijiwara


    Consultant (Data Visualization Specialist)


  • Annabelle Rincon

    Enjoying Life

    User Group Leader

  • Chimdi Nwosu

    VizSight Analytics

    User Group Leader

  • Prasann Prem


    User Group Leader

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