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Introducing StudentXCommunity Tableau User Group: Bridging the Gap Between Students and the Tableau Community

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey that combines the power of data visualisation with the boundless enthusiasm of the student community? Look no further! Welcome to the StudentXCommunity Tableau User Group (TUG), where we bring students and the Tableau community together in an engaging and dynamic virtual space.

Hosted by our dedicated team of Student Academic Ambassadors, StudentXCommunity is your gateway to a world of knowledge, expertise, and endless opportunities. Our mission is simple: to empower students with the best tips and tricks in the realm of Tableau, helping them leap ahead in their data visualisation journey.

Why should you join us? Here's what you can expect from StudentXCommunity:

πŸ“Š Learn the Art of Crafting Viz Resumes.

🌐 Digital Personal Branding.

πŸš€ Unlock the Secrets of Tableau.

πŸ“† Stay Updated with our Virtual Events. Don't miss out on our exciting lineup of events, webinars, and workshops. Join us regularly to gain insights from renowned speakers, engage in lively discussions, and network with like-minded individuals. All our events are held virtually, so there are no geographical constraints – the more, the merrier!

At StudentXCommunity, we believe in the power of knowledge sharing and community building. Whether you're a student eager to dive into the world of data visualisation or a Tableau enthusiast looking to connect with the next generation of data professionals, this is the place for you.

Join us today, and together, we'll explore the endless possibilities of Tableau, unlock your creative potential, and embark on a journey of lifelong learning. Your future in data visualisation starts here – at StudentXCommunity Tableau User Group.

Past events

8 abr 2024

Virtual Event

Unlock Insights with Interactive Dashboards

6 mar 2024

In-Person Event

TABLEAU UNI-VIZ-ITY: Achieving Dream Jobs with Data Skills

21 nov 2023

Virtual Event

Iron Viz: Student Edition - Lights, Camera, Data-Action!

25 may 2023

Virtual Event

Rock and Roll with Data Dynamics

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